Our Team

Heidi Claus AIA


Heidi brings almost 30 years of architecture and construction experience to Moran Construction Consultants. She was born and raised in Baton Rouge and is a second-generation Bachelor of Architecture graduate from Louisiana State University. Heidi grew up checking jobsites with her father, an architect, contractor and multi-family/commercial developer in Baton Rouge, and started drafting for their family’s architectural firm in high school. It’s no coincidence that she followed in those same footsteps, becoming a licensed architect in 1994 focusing on commercial design for 8 years before adding construction into the mix with design-build projects. This experience led her to the position of Project Executive for a prominent multifamily
and commercial developer in Baton Rouge. Having worked in almost every sector in the business, Heidi has the knowledge, experience and know-how to fully respond to clients’ needs.

Heidi brings positive, high energy to every task and a commitment to excellence in her position at Moran Construction Consultants. This holds true in her personal life as well. She is actively involved with Chapel at the Oaks within the church as well as community outreach. As a supporter of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Heidi also spends time each year in Memphis at the hospital as a volunteer, supporting the parents of children as they are treated. As both of Heidi’s children, Katie and Jake, were adopted from The St. Elizabeth Foundation, she supports their fundraising efforts to keep safe adoption practices in Baton Rouge. She is also a member of the Junior League of Baton Rouge and the Baton Rouge Symphony League.

Heidi and her family are avid Louisiana fishermen since the 1970’s. Big game fishing defined her childhood summers and is still enjoyed today at the family camp, along with marsh fishing. Heidi also enjoys snow skiing with her children in the winter and Colorado hiking with her friends in the summer. Heidi’s favorite sport is tennis which she has been playing with the same team for 10 years. But nothing makes Heidi happier than spending quality time outdoors with her children, parents, and siblings along with their families.