Firestone & Robertson Distilling

Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Developer: Firestone & Robertson Distilling Company, LLC



Project Description:

Firestone & Robertson Distilling, located in Fort Worth, TX, encompasses a 48,405 SF, 112-acre, bourbon and whiskey distillery. Once home to the historic Glen Garden Gold & Country Club, this facility, named Whiskey Ranch, is placed on a scenic 18-hole golf course and is one of the largest whiskey distilleries west of the Mississippi. When touring through Whiskey Ranch, you will find yourself immersed in the production of distilling bourbon and whiskey by walking through areas such as the Blending Room, Bottling House, and Stillhouse. Because of the scenic views and prime locations near downtown Fort Worth, an Event Center that can be rented out for gatherings of up to 300 people is offered as well.