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COVID-19 Updates

Balancing Social Responsibility with Economic Responsibility

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COVID-19 has forced us to be innovative in how we work, live, learn, and interact with our community. We all are tasked with the question of how to return to “normal” life while also remaining safe and healthy. As we adjust to this significant change, Moran Construction Consultants remains obligated and committed to our client’s priorities.  As we continue our commitment to serving client’s needs, we also commit to keeping our team and those we serve safe.

Our primary focus during this unprecedented time is balancing social responsibility with economic responsibility. We believe it is imperative to maintain the health and safety of our employees, their families, and those around us while also serving our clients.  Our responsibility to those we serve, and our community is especially important as we do our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19. We also hold firm to our economic responsibility and understand the services we provide are essential to supporting the construction and finance sectors of the economy, with the necessity of regular travel to effectively execute our services.

We have returned to routine monthly site inspections in compliance with the project team and respective state guidelines. We have also returned to the office with additional precautionary measures in place. Our team of consultants has been equipped with the knowledge and equipment necessary to represent our clients while maintaining a safe environment in the process. To learn more, please find attached our COVID-19 Policy and Procedures, Home Office Guidelines, and Site Inspection Guidelines.

We will always remain vigilant, safe, and responsible as we continue together to navigate this unprecedented situation. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you, especially during this challenging time.





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The following is an update regarding the impacts we are finding related to COVID-19, please share with your colleagues. We are taking the following actions:

We are limiting all in-person meetings inclusive of both internal meetings and meetings with clients. We are encouraging all meetings to be conducted via audio or video conferencing. We have multiple lines available as needed to meet demand.

We will comment on the project-specific impacts of COVID-19 within each of our reports moving forward effective 3/16/20.



We are seeing projects begin construction again after being impacted in the short term due to closures, delays, and a decrease in manpower. However, this situation remains fluid and the status of these projects is likely to change again in the upcoming days and weeks. Distributor’s vendors are sending out notices that they will let distributors know if they anticipate shortages or delays in deliveries. Some suppliers and contractors are seeing delays in materials and/or product shipping/delivery timelines. We are also seeing a nationwide pricing increase in lumber, steel, concrete, and other materials as well as an increase in material lead times.


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