The Impact of Winter Weather on Construction Timelines

December 6, 2023
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As winter approaches, construction projects face unique challenges that can significantly impact their progress and success. Construction in winter weather brings about a host of issues, from temperature-related material problems to snow and ice hazards, all of which can slow down the construction process. Below is a list of some potential challenges that a project may face during the winter season. 

1. Cold-Weather Material Challenges

Construction in winter weather can have a profound impact on materials. For example, when concrete is exposed to freezing conditions the water within it can freeze, causing the concrete to expand and crack. Additionally, the curing time for concrete can be substantially delayed in cold weather, causing It to take longer for it to reach its required strength, which can affect project timelines.

2. Snow and Ice Hazards

In certain areas of the country, snow and ice accumulation on walking surfaces leaves the potential for slips, trips, or falls on construction sites. Construction in adverse winter weather, such as heavy snow and winter storms, could also impact projects by limiting site work operations, resulting in construction work halting until winter conditions lessen.

3. Limited Daylight Hours

Winter months bring shorter daylight hours, which can impact productivity on construction sites. Less working time each day means that tasks may take longer to complete, potentially extending project timelines. The decreased temperature can also impact the overall productivity of workers, causing them to be fatigued and less focused, impacting not only productivity but also increasing their risk of injury. 

4. Permafrost and Sitework Challenges

For projects involving civil work operations and foundation work, permafrost can present significant obstacles for construction in winter weather. Soil conditions become less favorable, making excavation and foundation work extremely difficult. If not planned proactively, projects can run into signification project delays that will impact the overall timeline and budget.

How Moran Consultants Can Help Your Investment

Understanding the intricacies of performing construction activities during the winter season is essential for a project to remain on time and within budget. With projects spanning across the country, Moran Consultants has a unique perspective on national and local market trends based on our extensive database of project information, allowing us to make accurate and timely comparisons. Our dedicated and responsive team consistently meets national customer demands, with local market knowledge, ensuring you are staying up to date on how your project is doing throughout the construction process. 

If you have any questions, please contact us by calling 866-545-3350 or send us a message online. 

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